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What to do in Autumn

Pruning your plants can have a huge impact on how they grow next year. It keeps them healthy, vigorous and balanced and stops large varieties from taking over the garden. And autumn is the perfect time of year for trimming!

Plants retreat and die back in the autumn to conserve energy over the cold months. Just a little pruning now will help shrubs and trees come back stronger – and hopefully avoid losing branches and shape when the winter gales and heavy frost set in.

Pruning also allows you to remove any damage or disease before it spreads,and tidy up the size and shape of your plants. Plus, it lets more light into the garden during winter, which your other plants will benefit from.

The first thing to do is take stock of the garden and what needs pruning. Don’t just jump in and start cutting away. That’s a recipe for bare spots and wonky trees.

Deciduous trees and shrubs need a light pruning every autumn. Evergreen trees rarely need much pruning but you can remove dead and damaged branches at the end of summer.

Most trees and shrubs are good candidates, but some varieties prefer being pruned in late winter – roses are a prime example. If you’re unsure, search online for the pruning time for your plan or consult the experts at LWTreecare.


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