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What is Arboriculture?

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Arboriculture was a term apparently well used in the 18th century. The Scottish author John Grigor seems to have been the first to publish the word in his book Arboricultur (1868).

Indeed, the Royal Forestry Societies were originally known as arboricultural societies, the Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society was founded in 1854 and the English Royal Arboricultural Society was founded in 1882. It wasn’t until 1931 that the Royal English Arboricultural Society changed its name to Royal English Forestry Society. It was in the early 1930s that the use of the term arboriculture became distinct from forestry or silviculture – as tree care when the focus is amenity and the primary objective is not that of timber production.

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