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Forget sun block, use a tree!

The unofficial start to summer is here!

Though, we wouldn’t enjoy those moments nearly as much without our trees! 

Shade trees instantly cool us down on those hot, humid summer days. They even cool our homes! When planted on the west side of your house trees reduce the use of air conditioning. In addition to keeping us cool, trees also protect us from UV rays?Sitting under a shade tree provides the equivalent of SPF 10 sunblock

Trees are a natural sunscreen!

In addition to wearing sunscreen each day, it’s best to stay in the shade when we’re outside.

Tree shade reduces UV-B exposure by about 50 percent.

Here are a few tips to maximize the benefit of tree shade:

Sit under trees with dense foliage for best protection from the sun.

The less sunlight peeking through the leaves, the better!

Choose a tree near other trees or buildings to further block the sun.

Trees provide the most coverage from UV rays during the middle of the day.

Any tree coverage is better than none at all!

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