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Cuttings soft wood

With soft wood cuttings take the cutting during the summer, and choose a young shoot higher on the plant that's around 5 or 6 inches long. Cut the shoot off below a leaf joint, leaving the heel attached to the plant.

Trim off the lower leaves on the cutting, leaving around 4 or 5 pairs of leaves at the very top. As with the hardwood cuttings, you should dip the end of the shoot in hormone powder. Plant the new cutting in a pot or other container designed for the growth of cuttings... softwood cuttings need to be closed in somewhat in a damp environment. Water regularly, and keep a check on wilting.

Within a season, either type of cutting should have roots beginning to develop and should show signs of new growth. Once roots are growing, the cutting can be transferred to a new container or planted in loosened soil. As with many plants, plant food or fertilizer is recommended when you transfer it.

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