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Best wood for burning

When choosing firewood for your wood stove, you have a lot of options. There are two main factors you must consider when choosing the best logs for a wood burning stove: wood type and wood moisture content. In this post, we’ll explain which types of wood make the best logs for a wood burning stove. Choosing firewood wood is more complex than you think. What you burn is critical to your wood burning stove’s performance and longevity. Whether you harvest your own firewood or us

Soil and trees

A vital and often overlooked factor affecting the health of your trees and shrubs is soil. In fact, improving your tree's soil is very often the best possible thing you can do to help it thrive Soil is not just dirt. Soil is an ecosystem where thousands of different organisms coexist, often competing, but often helping each other survive. Plants, animals, fungi, bacteria - all have forged lasting symbiotic relationships with other species at some point in their evolutionary h

Hot weather stresses trees!

Experts says a phenomenon called “summer branch drop” has been occurring during the current spell of hot weather, and it is not entirely clear what causes it. The Arboricultural Association said it was aware of a number of reports of branches dropping off trees, an event it says is associated with prolonged hot spells. Paul Smith, a technical officer with the organisation, said: “Certainly there’s a clear relationship between the weather conditions and the frequency of summer

Fancy an energy drink? I'd prefer a birch

For just two to three weeks of the year, forests across the northern hemisphere fill with a silent burst of activity as hundreds of litres of sap rise daily up through each mature birch tree in preparation for the spring. Now companies are tapping into this, quite literally, to produce a drink hailed as the next so-called superfood, or “superdrink” – birch water. Tapping the sap There’s nothing new about birch water. A traditional drink and medicinal ingredient in parts of Ca

Caring for trees in summer revisited

Summer is finally here, and while some of us may be basking in the long hot days, the lack of rainfall can be disastrous for young saplings if they are left untended. Tree planting is a worthwhile and rewarding activity, a necessity to ensure our environment is a healthy, happy place for humans and wildlife alike. But planting is just the start of the care that a young tree needs until it is mature enough to fully rely on its own resources. It is a distressing fact that many

Tree Tsar

A ‘tree Tsar’ was appointed yesterday to stop local councils needlessly chopping down excessive numbers. Sir William Worsley was given the role created by Environment Secretary Michael Gove who also wants him to drive forward official plans to plant 12million trees by 2020. The total includes one million new trees in towns and cities. During his year-long term, Sir William will liaise with mayors, city leaders and other key players across local government to ‘prevent the unne

Trees for small gardens

Most trees reach ultimately at least 23ft (7m) tall and although most “garden trees” attain 30ft (10m) or more at maturity, there are many examples that stay smaller. Most gardens can find space for the smallest trees, under 30ft high at maturity. Here are three excellent examples: Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy’ AGM, with large heart-shaped purple leaves, offers rich autumn colour.  Cornus kousa 'Miss Satomi’ AGM, with wondrous white early summer flowers followed by red dim

How good is your root?

Some facts from the 4th edition of Arboriculture (Richard Harris, James Clark and Nelda Matheny) can make it easier to predict where roots might be: Roots are opportunistic. There will be more roots when conditions are favorable. Fertile, moist, uncompacted soils will have more fibrous roots. In dry, compacted soils with no organic matter, roots are fewer but larger and able to grow further distances from the plant. Open-grown trees often have a wider root system than trees c

Pruning trees; why it's best left to experts

Because each cut has the potential to change the growth of the tree, no branch should be removed without a reason. Common reasons for pruning are to remove dead branches, to improve form, and to reduce risk. Trees may also be pruned to increase light and air penetration to the inside of the tree’s crown or to the landscape below. In most cases, mature trees are pruned as corrective or preventive measures. Routine thinning does not necessarily improve the health of a tree. Tre

All in a day's work!


Fancy coppicing today!

Coppicing comes from the French word ‘couper’ meaning to cut.  It involves cutting a tree at as low a level as possible to create what is known as a coppice stool.  From the stool, multiple stems will re-shoot and these are then re-cut on a cycle lasting a few years for trees such as willow to much longer periods of time for slow growing trees (maybe 25 years).   The effective result is to create a shrubby tree with many branches. Stems reshooting from the base of a cut stump

Does your stump still have a root!?

After cutting down a tree, you might find that the tree stump keeps sprouting each spring. The only way to stop the sprouts is to kill the stump. You have two options when it comes to getting rid of tree stumps and roots: grinding or chemically killing the stump. Grinding usually kills the stump on the first try if it’s done properly. Killing the stump chemically may take several tries. Stump grinding is the way to go. LWTreecare Ltd can perform this chore for you too, and i

Birch it

Birch has a multitude of historical uses but is less familiar for its undoubted medicinal properties. The sap makes a clear and refreshing drink that can be preserved as a wine, beer, or spirit. The leaves produce a pleasant tea and an infused oil. In each form, birch is an excellent tonic and detoxifier, mainly working on the urinary system to remove waste products, as in kidney or bladder stone, gravel, gout, and rheumatism. It reduces fluid retention and swellings, and cle

Nuisance when neighbours branch out

Who owns a tree? The tree belongs to the person in whose garden it grows. What about overhanging branches that reach into my land? If the branches and or roots of a neighbouring tree spread into another property, they still belong to the tree-owner. Find out what to do about a neighbour's tatty fence Does that mean I can’t cut them down? You can cut back any overhanging branch that comes into your property. However, the cut branch(es), and any fruit or flowers attached to the


New Checkatrade feedback has been published! Hello - new scores have arrived! We have included a summary of the feedback we have recently published for you in this email, Thank you for being a member of, where reputation matters. Two conifers cut down.Tidiness:10Reliability:10Average: 10Courtesy:10Workmanship:10 Luke turned up on time, did a great job and left the area clean and tidy. He communicated well with me throughout the process from quotation to day of

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